i’m a home cook + food enthusiast

i was born and raised in the midlands, UK, living there until the age of 18. i spent 8 years in bristol and 6 years in london.

i worked in restaurants and bars most of my life and i think this is where my passion for food + beverage came into play. i studied fine art at college, which peaked my interest in all things creative— photography, painting, drawing, jewelry making and writing. i have a creative heart and that helped me carve out my career in social media, creative content, marketing + interiors.

now based in los angeles— my energy for food increased 10 fold during the pandemic. not only experiencing the vast array of food available here in LA, but the electricity the food and beverage industry holds in this city is truly incredible. i began to get inspired. i have always cooked a lot but my passion has now turned into a career. i have been recipe developing and food styling for the last 3 years, and never looked back.

i love salt, garlic, tinned fish, dill, oysters, pickly things + pasta (of all kinds).

pro nouns are she / her.