spinach, onion and kale busiate with a ricotta swirl


1 lb of busiate pasta

1 onion

4 cloves of garlic

2 handfuls of tuscan kale

2 handfuls of spinich

1 cup of peas (frozen is best here)


green peppercorns

flaky salt

good quality extra virgin olive oil


start by boiling a large pot of water for the vegetables. salt generously. on another burner get another pot of boiling water going for the pasta. salt generously. once both pots are boiling turn the heat down to medium, so that the water is on a gentle simmer.

next trim all of the kale from its stems (just pull it off gently), peel and then chop the onion in half, and then half again. peel all of the garlic. and gather the spinach together as well.

add all of the veggies (onion, kale, spinich + garlic) to one of the large pans of boiling water. cook them for 7 minutes and then drain.

now is the time to begin cooking the busiate pasta. drop pasta into the other pan of boiling water and cook according to packet instuctions.

next add of the cooked veggies (onion, kale, spinich + garlic) to a food processer or blender with a cup of ricotta, 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. blend until smooth. if the sauce needs thinning slightly, add a little pasta to the blender and blend again until desired consistency. it should have the consistency of a smooth marinara sauce.

once cooked, drain the pasta— reserving a least once cup of the pasta water. once drained add the pasta back into the pot that is was cooking in, as we will need to residual heat to make the sauce.

add the blended sauce plus the frozen peas to the pasta, adding a dash pasta water if needed to help emulsify. stir pretty vigorously until everything is well incorporated and the peas are no longer frozen.

serve in your favourite pasta bowl, with a generous dollop of ricotta, flaky sea salt + and a few big cracks of green peppercorns on the big grind.

i hope you enjoy!