toasted sourdough with labneh, fried egg + chilli crunch


  • a slice of seeded sourdough
  • labneh
  • soft fried egg
  • chili crunch
  • flaky sea salt
  • black pep on the big grind
  • dill


toast the sourdough to your liking.

smear a good dollop of the labneh over the toasted bread.

in a pan, pour a little olive oil and set the temperature to medium heat. gently crack in one egg and let it disperse and settle naturally.

once the egg has been frying on medium for 1 minute, add a lid to the pan and turn the heat down to low for 3 minutes.

once the egg is cooked to your liking (I like a just set yoke), remove the egg and place it on top of the labneh.

top with dollops of chili crunch, flaky sea salt, black pep on the big grind and some sprigs of dill.

dig in and enjoy this umami bomb!