tuna crudo with capers and olives


  • sushi grade tuna
  • very good quality evoo
  • capers
  • castelvetrano olives
  • 1/4 lemon
  • flaky salt
  • black pep on the big grind


begin by thinly slicing your tuna against the grain. about quarter of an inch thick is what you're after.

arrange the tuna on a plate to your liking, feel free to get creative.

pour over some really good quality extra virgin olive oil, so the tuna is almost swimming in the oil.

distribute some capers and castelvetrano olives that have been lightly smashed between your fingers throughout the plate.

take the lemon and squeeze liberally all over the plate.

finish with a good healthy pinch of flaky salt and black pep on the big grind.

this is a perfect little solo lunch or a fun appetizer when you're throwing a dinner party, that will quite literally blow your friends away.